About Apostrophistica

a variety of personification in which the dead, absent, or inanimate are addressed as if present. — apostrophic, adj. (thefreedictionary.com)

a manner of speech in which the speaker continually interrupts his train of thought and continuity of subject by interjecting subordinate ideas and comments. — apostrophist, n. (thefreedictionary.com)

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The Web seems to me an ideal medium for apostrophe, and a blog the perfect place for a “rambling apostrophist.”

“Apostrophistica” is a form of the word that I coined, mirroring the construction of words such as “esoterica” and “ephemera.”


Apostrophistica Press

As of March 2012, Apostrophistica.com will also be the home for my books, beginning with my first small publishing effort, Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen. I put together this little cookbook at the request of  family and friends, and it’s available in Kindle (mobi) format from Amazon.com for anyone who likes it.

I plan to publish a few titles per year using “Apostrophistica Press,” and I will make announcements about them here on my blog.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments!


Someday, I might revise this page when I find something more interesting to say about myself other than that I’m a middle-aged vegetarian with eclectic interests and a secretly mushy and sentimental side, but for now, this must do.


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Updated 13 March 2012