And in other Amazon news: Amazon’s fees hike for third-party traders provokes fury

Amazon’s fees hike for third-party traders provokes fury | Technology | The Guardian.

According to the article, some fees will increase as much as 70% for third-party retailers who sell through Amazon:

Amazon is facing a revolt from small traders as the internet retailer – which describes itself as “Earth’s most customer-centric” company – plans to impose a wave of fee rises on third parties who use its network to sell consumer electronics, automotive parts and other goods in the UK and across Europe.

Trader fees on millions of electronic accessories listed on Amazon – including popular items such as memory cards, headphones and printer cartridges – will jump from 7% to 12% for the busiest traders in the UK and four other major European markets from 4 April, just after the Easter weekend.

Hop over to the Guardian to read the rest of this warm fuzzy article.


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