The Apostrophist, “Apostrophistica”

a variety of personification in which the dead, absent, or inanimate are addressed as if present. — apostrophic, adj.

a manner of speech in which the speaker continually interrupts his train of thought and continuity of subject by interjecting subordinate ideas and comments. — apostrophist, n.

~ * ~

The Web seems to me an ideal medium for apostrophe, and a blog the perfect place for a rambling apostrophist.

Over the course of days and weeks, there may be some recurrent themes and, if you squint, you may detect some vague organization of ideas, but in general, here you’ll encounter sundry ephemera, such as quotations for the moment, observations about some of the syntactical oddities of the English language, and other linguistic miscellanea, as well as just your basic blather.

Off to ramble elsewhere!


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