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Mary Black: Mo Ghile Mear

Mary Black’s voice is beautiful and evocative in her rendition of this Irish Jacobite song, Mo Ghile Mear (“My Gallant Darling”).

Sting did a version of this with the Chieftains on The Long Black Veil.



Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” performed by Leonard Cohen. My favorite performance of this song.

Some music to bring in the weekend

Some nice melodious Mary Black.

“Adam at the Window”

Fields of Gold

From Eva Cassidy. All of her covers are wonderful, and I love this one. She left us with so much beautiful music, but not enough. Wish she were still among us, singing . . .

I like the montage that the video uploader created for this song. The images are evocative.

The Wicked Tinkers . . . Talk

I found this interesting. It was taped a couple years ago, from what I could tell.