Edgar, the Tether-Ball Champion

Here’s fourteen-year-old Edgar, my gray and fluffy buddy, playing some tether-ball.

6 responses to “Edgar, the Tether-Ball Champion


  2. Edgar! A cool cat, always ‘on top of the game’ (and the tether ball) 🙂 He’s beautiful, with his awesome tail. Turkish angora blood? He doesn’t seem to have the flattened Persian nose?

    • I’m not sure exactly what breeds he has in him, but I think he may be part Korat. He has what one vet described in her notes as “medium” hair length — even though officially, there’s only short-haired and long-haired — and he’s just kind of fluffy all over but with a particularly fluffy “plumey tail”!

      I’m glad you like him. I think he’s gorgeous, of course! 🙂 He’s very smart, as well.

  3. So glad to finally “meet” Edgar, about whom I’ve heard so much. And the plumey tail is plumey indeed!

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