somegreybloke talks about the Rapture

If you don’t know, a guy named Camping has said that the Rapture’s taking place at 6:00 p.m. on 21 May 2011. He hasn’t specified a time zone. 😛

Anyway, I thought this was funny.

4 responses to “somegreybloke talks about the Rapture

  1. Bwahaha, how many people, I wonder, woke up crying because they weren’t “good enough” on the 22nd?? XD

    • Poor folks — I feel especially sorry for the ones who so foolishly spent their lifes’ savings or quit their jobs over this con job. But I did like somegreybloke’s advice! I thought it was very sound! haha!

  2. I thought it was funny too 🙂

    But eh, seems I know nobody who has been raptured on the 21st…does it mean I’ve got the wrong friends? :-O LOL

    • Well, the preacher now says that God has given us a five month reprieve, and that the Rapture will actually be on October 21. But maybe you do have the wrong friends! lol! After all, I’m still here, too! haha!

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