Book Review: Dexter of Pozzleby

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about posting book reviews on my blog, and this seems as good a time to start as any, while I have a bit of momentum going on revitalizing my blog. 🙂

I’ve decided only to review books on my blog that I enjoyed and can recommend. If you want to see what books I haven’t enjoyed and wouldn’t recommend, you can hop over to and see my reviews there, both positive and negative. The books I will review here will all be books that I have given or would give between three and five stars to over on Amazon, usually four or five stars. All of these books, unless I state otherwise in the review, are ones I have read on my Kindle.

For my first review, I’ve chosen Dexter of Pozzelby, a YA fantasy set in a mythical kingdom on an earth-like world.Dexter of Pozzelby Book Cover

Dexter of Pozzelby is an excellent heroic fantasy that tells the story of young Dexter, fourth in line to the throne of Pozzelby, a provincial country made up of various earldoms and dukedoms. When his uncle, who is king, his father, and his two brothers are all assassinated in one night by otherworldly creatures, he finds himself thrust into a new life with many more responsibilities than he had ever imagined having; his previous dreams had been of a life of books and study. He has many advisors around him, some old and some new. Who is trustworthy? Who is not? And who was behind the assassinations? Will Dexter be next? And why is his family, the house of Davin, being particularly targeted?

This is a fast-moving book with a lot of action, but with plenty of well-drawn characters, a sympathetic protagonist in young Dexter, and an interesting plot that isn’t completely obvious and yet is not so complex that it would be difficult for a young reader to follow.

I recommend this book to any who enjoy fantasy set in worlds a bit like our own, but not completely, and with a quasi-medieval atmosphere. It was a really fun read, and I only put the book down to grab a bite to eat. Great for kids, too, from about 10 and up.

*Potential Spoilers in the next paragraph*

When heroes from Pozzelby’s historic golden age arrive in unexpected ways, they may help turn the tide and keep young Dexter from being the next casualty in a struggle that began three centuries earlier.


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