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Looking for recipes for St. Patrick’s Day?

Colcannon is one of my favorite dishes, and this traditional Irish dish is great to serve on St. Patrick’s Day — or any day! For a lighter version of colcannon — as well as instructions for traditional colcannon, if you prefer that — download Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen, which remains free thrCover of "Favorites from Amelia's Kitchen"ough the 11th, the cookbook’s one year anniversary.

For some Irish-inspired treats for dessert, try “Irish rocks,” a delicious incarnation of traditional rock cookies (sometimes known as rock cakes or rock biscuits).

You’ll get a lot more than just recipes for colcannon and Irish rocks when you download this cookbook full of vegetarian comfort food — dishes and desserts that even non-vegetarians enjoy. It’s only free for a limited time!

Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen: Vegetarian Comfort Food for Everyone is DRM-free, so you can print out the recipes, or convert them to ePub or other format to read them the way that is most convenient for you.


One Year Anniversary Celebration

A Modern Fruitcake

A Fruitcake You’ll Love

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen: Vegetarian Comfort Food for Everyone, the book will be FREE on amazon.com this weekend, Friday, 8 March 2013 — Sunday, 11 March 2013. It will also be free on other Amazon sites according to their policies.

These are a few of the recipes you might enjoy:

Curried Eggs
Savory Cheese Custard
Turnip Colcannon
Fifteen-Bean Winter Stew
Baked Lentil Loaf
Country Lentil Pie
Pasta Carbonara with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Savory Caraway Scones
Irish Rocks
Old-Fashioned Gingerbread


British Indie Fiction D.M. Andrews has begun a new site focussing on self-pubbed fiction by British authors. He has a number of genres to browse through. If you’re looking for something new to read and you enjoy reading British authors, … Continue reading

Book Review: Welcome to the Underworld

Welcome to the Underworld by I.F. Rowan

Welcome to the UnderworldWelcome to the Underworld is set in a fantasy-version of Ancient China. The book consists of a series of stories — one short story and three novellas — and together, they can be read almost as a short novel.

In “Looking for Goats, Finding Monkeys,” we meet Dao Shi, a historian-turned-conman who discovers that he really is an exorcist, and not merely a charlatan, when he runs across a nasty demon in the course of his quotidian fakery. He nonetheless continues with his usual manner of making a living, occasionally being called upon to genuinely exorcise a demon, when, in “The Turning of the Tiles,” he finds himself caught up in political intrigue that is beyond his ken and more dangerous to him than any of the demons he has met. Continue reading


Update: This glitch has been fixed for Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen, and presumably has been fixed or soon will be fixed for the other books that were affected.