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Site of the Day . . .

Have a little wander over to the Museum of Bad Art and check out the cornerstone of their collection.

Something to tickle your funny bone!

Okay, I know I should post some original content, but hey! When there’s stuff like this to be shared, I’ve just gotta share it!

(N.B.: It only seems to work in 360 p.)

A Friday Funny for You

A classic Monty Python moment, from the MontyPython Channel on YouTube.

There are other sketches on the MontyPython Channel that made me laugh harder, but they were of somewhat questionable content for a blog that’s trying to stay in the PG arena! ;P

Dame Judi Dench

Here she is, on Colin Ferguson’s program, and I’ll let her speak for herself. I hope you enjoy it! I was falling out of my chair laughing by the end.

(BTW, the title of the video, “December 18?”, refers to the on-going joke on the program that it’s the 18th and the week before Christmas, but the show was actually being taped well before that scheduled air-date. ;))

What do I do when I have insomnia?

I peruse the Awful Library Books blog. It’s even funnier at two in the morning! But it’s pretty funny at any time of the day, actually.