The Wicked Tinkers

. . . play music from the soul.

The Wicked Tinkers play “Shenavalie Farm.”

It gives me tingles, especially once the bagpipe enters.

Happy Friday, everyone!


5 responses to “The Wicked Tinkers


    Haunting too also.

    Those huge pipes – of course in the CRADLE of Celtic culture, they still have them & play them – The Alps! 😉

    I’ll have to get whatever that one is on…

    Oh & say – does that remind you of the fair at Forksville or WHA?? XD They SO belong on a bigger stage

  2. They play a lot of Scottish games and Scottish festivals and such, so they usually are playing outdoors like that. 🙂

    That one is on “Rant,” I do believe.

    That big thing is a kind of didgeridoo, I think. Anyway, there’s a didge on that piece.

  3. The Celtic horns are what they base that on though, that’s what they play in the Alps. Didgereedoos are Australian like boomerangs, haha! 😉 The Coirn n`Erinn sounds just like them, I have a recording of ACTUAL Bronze- & Iron-Age horns from the Irish National Museum being played by a famous English didgereedoo player.

    • Yes, I know. The Tinkers talk a little bit about the history of the Irish horn that looks & sounds like a didge and is played like one. They always call this a didgeridoo when they talk about it.

      • Here’s what it says on their website in the “Band Bio”:

        Prepare yourself for a wild ride with Wicked Tinkers! Pioneers of the growing Tribal Celtic movement, the Tinkers have been playing haunting, heart-pounding bagpipes and irresistible, tribal drums as a professional touring band since 1995. With the addition, several years back, of the mesmerizing drone of the Australian didgeridoo and Bronze Age Irish horn, the magic was complete. Sit back and be transported to an earlier time in Scotland and Ireland, when battle cries filled the air and strange, unheard-of creatures roamed the night. Or better yet, get on your feet and let your body move to ancient rhythmsand forgotten sounds.

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