Special Spring Sale: celebrate the spring equinox

Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen

Cover of "Favorites from Amelia's Kitchen"Save on Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen now. Special for the vernal equinox, 20 March 2012, price drop to only $1.29.

Many recipes for the bread machine, yummy old-fashioned desserts, hearty vegetarian main courses and side dishes. Traditional recipes, old favorites, and original recipes. Check out the table of contents in the “Look Inside” or downloadable sample for the full list of recipes.

The “1/3” and “2/3” symbols have been replaced so that they read correctly in the Kindle apps. (If you have the previous copy, the symbols can be correctly read in all e-ink Kindles and the Kindle Cloud Reader. If you see a square where there should be an amount to measure, in all cases except the Savory Caraway Scones, the square should be a “1/3” symbol. The Savory Caraway Scones call for 2/3 cup of milk or half & half.)

DRM-free so you can convert it to read on other e-readers or to print out a copy for your personal use.


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