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Book Review: Welcome to the Underworld

Welcome to the Underworld by I.F. Rowan

Welcome to the UnderworldWelcome to the Underworld is set in a fantasy-version of Ancient China.Ā The book consists of a series of stories — one short story and three novellas — and together, they can be read almost as a short novel.

In “Looking for Goats, Finding Monkeys,” we meet Dao Shi, a historian-turned-conman who discovers that he really is an exorcist, and not merely a charlatan, when he runs across a nasty demon in the course of his quotidian fakery. He nonetheless continues with his usual manner of making a living, occasionally being called upon to genuinely exorcise a demon, when, in “The Turning of the Tiles,” he finds himself caught up in political intrigue that is beyond his ken and more dangerous to him than any of the demons he has met. Continue reading


Update: This glitch has been fixed for Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen, and presumably has been fixed or soon will be fixed for the other books that were affected.

Book Review: Dexter of Pozzleby

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about posting book reviews on my blog, and this seems as good a time to start as any, while I have a bit of momentum going on revitalizing my blog. šŸ™‚

I’ve decided only to review books on my blog that I enjoyed and can recommend. If you want to see what books I haven’t enjoyed and wouldn’t recommend, you can hop over to and see my reviews there, both positive and negative. The books I will review here will all be books that I have given or would give between three and five stars to over on Amazon, usually four or five stars. All of these books, unless I state otherwise in the review, are ones I have read on my Kindle.

For my first review, I’ve chosen Dexter of Pozzelby, a YA fantasy set in a mythical kingdom on an earth-like world.Dexter of Pozzelby Book Cover Continue reading


The corrected copy of Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen has been live for a couple of days on Amazon, and I’m in communication with them to make it available to the many people who downloaded it during the St. Patrick’s Day … Continue reading

New Recipe for Spelt Bread

Chef's HatI’ve begun a new section for recipes, and we’re starting with Spelt Bread for the bread machine.

I developed this one to use a sponge starter. With the warm flavor of molasses and the lightness of the yoghurt, this bread is ideal for robust sandwiches with flavorful fillings.