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Book Review: Dexter of Pozzleby

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about posting book reviews on my blog, and this seems as good a time to start as any, while I have a bit of momentum going on revitalizing my blog. 🙂

I’ve decided only to review books on my blog that I enjoyed and can recommend. If you want to see what books I haven’t enjoyed and wouldn’t recommend, you can hop over to Amazon.com and see my reviews there, both positive and negative. The books I will review here will all be books that I have given or would give between three and five stars to over on Amazon, usually four or five stars. All of these books, unless I state otherwise in the review, are ones I have read on my Kindle.

For my first review, I’ve chosen Dexter of Pozzelby, a YA fantasy set in a mythical kingdom on an earth-like world.Dexter of Pozzelby Book Cover Continue reading


The corrected copy of Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen has been live for a couple of days on Amazon, and I’m in communication with them to make it available to the many people who downloaded it during the St. Patrick’s Day … Continue reading

Special Spring Sale: celebrate the spring equinox

Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen

Cover of "Favorites from Amelia's Kitchen"Save on Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen now. Special for the vernal equinox, 20 March 2012, price drop to only $1.29.

Many recipes for the bread machine, yummy old-fashioned desserts, hearty vegetarian main courses and side dishes. Traditional recipes, old favorites, and original recipes. Check out the table of contents in the “Look Inside” or downloadable sample for the full list of recipes.

The “1/3” and “2/3” symbols have been replaced so that they read correctly in the Kindle apps. (If you have the previous copy, the symbols can be correctly read in all e-ink Kindles and the Kindle Cloud Reader. If you see a square where there should be an amount to measure, in all cases except the Savory Caraway Scones, the square should be a “1/3” symbol. The Savory Caraway Scones call for 2/3 cup of milk or half & half.)

DRM-free so you can convert it to read on other e-readers or to print out a copy for your personal use.


Display Error

Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen

I’ve discovered that the 1/3 symbol is not appearing correctly in at least some Kindle apps (those for i-devices and the Kindle app). I am editing the book to replace the symbol with plain numbers & a slash. The changes will likely go live sometime on Monday or Tuesday. I will post here and make a tweet when they do.

If you are using the cookbook on an iPad, computer, or other non-eInk Kindle device, if you see a plain square where there should be a unit of measure, each of those should be “1/3”, with the exception of the recipe for Basic Sweet Scones, in which the measure should be “2/3 cup milk or half & half.”

Free for St. Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St.Cover of "Favorites from Amelia's Kitchen" Patrick’s Day, my cookbook, Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen, will be free for the day. It’s DRM-free, so feel free to convert it to whatever format is most convenient for you to read it on.

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